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Laura shot this one summer 04. She made up an 8x10 and framed it. I keep it in my office. I think it's one of the best photos we have. That winter we went to the frozen northland for X-mas. See what all that cabin fever can do to people. Here's another one for the helmet collection. Dad got me that one in 1973. We took Marcus to a winter childrens faire. He spent most of the time playing with these ballons.
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Earlier that winter we took him to see Thomas the Tank Engine, (that's ye olde English for train). Getting ready to play in the snow. Getting ready for college. Yaya got him this wonderful bike for his b-day. We had to bring it in the house that first day, because he wouldn't come in without it.
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Grandad came in July 05 to help us work on the bathroom. Marcus insisted on eating outside every night. Grandpap and Yaya D (her rap name) also came out, they took Marcus to the beach and taught him to cast his new fishing pole. Uncle Mark and Nick also visited. Gimmee Five!