Family Photo Galleries

Gallery 40 Another Jabs enters the world.
Gallery 39 As winter approaches, Jim wants you to remember what it's like in Ohio.
Gallery 38 Mark, Jackie, and Luke hit the Hamptons.
Gallery 37 George makes the papers!
Gallery 36 Luke's first Birthday!
Gallery 35 Marcus and Jared Summer Photos
Gallery 34 Nick's Graduation Party
Gallery 33 Stoopid Trees
Gallery 32 Matt and Jacki's Wedding
Gallery 31 Nick Palumbo enters the legal world
Gallery 30 Jared Palumbo enters the world
Gallery 29 Jacki's wedding shower
Gallery 28 Luke Palumbo and parents visit Yaya
Gallery 27 Luke Palumbo takes the world by storm
Gallery 26 Luke Palumbo enters the world
Gallery 25 Jackie's shower photos submitted by Jim Palumbo
Gallery 24 A look back at 2005 for Marcus and Family
Gallery 23 Video of Marcus Palumbo reading books (OK reciting memorized books)
Gallery 22 Video of Jim Palumbo Opening Presents X-Mas Morning
Gallery 21 Photos of Matt and Greg on Beach Vacation
Gallery 20 Video of Laura, Will, and Bill's Marathon
Gallery 19 Video of Mike and Mark's trip to Utah
Gallery 18 Photos of baby George from Jim and Betsy
Gallery 17 Photos of vacations from Jim Palumbo
Gallery 16 More photos of Larry and Debbies 50th Birthday Party and Easter '04
Gallery 15 Larry and Debbies 50th Birthday Party
Gallery 14 Jabs and Palumbo Fla. Vacation
Gallery 13 Old family photos submitted by Jeff and Lisa Rodriguez
Gallery 12 Mark and I went snowboarding in the White Mountains. Frozen spectacular views!
Gallery 11 While in Tucson Bill and I went on a hike into the mountains. Spectacular views!
Gallery 10 Bill's 65 birthday in Connecticut. Palumbos, Jabs, Rodriguezes, and friends all come out to celebrate.
Gallery 9 Marcus rides the tractor in Tucson
Gallery 8 Photos from Thanksgiving in Ohio ( I should have posted a while ago. They include our trip to the rain forest...OK so it was an exhibit at the zoo, not the real rain forest, but you'd never know by the photos.
Gallery 7 While in Tucson for Christmas we went and rode the train at Pinnacle Peak
Gallery 6 Family photos and candids of our trip to Tuscon, Christmas 2003
Gallery 5 Marcus at 11 mo. In this gallery you will find Marcus and his toys, dinner time, bath time, and story time, the first haircut, and Marcus walks!
Gallery 4 Our Home Improvements
Gallery 3 Marcus at 4- 6 months, Poppy's 80th B-Day, and Marcus hits the pool.
Gallery 2 Marcus at 2-4 months.
Gallery 1 The Birth of Marcus and first few months.